Our Mission


Here at Charis Threads, we strive to create stylish, modern apparel that spreads encouragement and the love of Jesus. Our brand is founded on Charis, the Greek word for grace, kindness and life. God has embedded these principles in the heart of our brand.  We hope to inspire others to be gracious and kind to those who have been purposely placed in their life. Our goal is to equip customers with a unique approach to evangelism. Our products will uphold Biblical messages and Christ-centered phrases. We believe our clothing will spark up a godly conversation between Christians and non-believers so that they may turn to the Father and truly experience Charis.



Our brand is making a difference by donating 20% of profit to The Phoenix Dream Center’s Human Trafficking Program.


“Established in 2009, it is one of the largest service providers for young adult victims of human trafficking in the nation. The Program was created to help rebuild the shattered lives of young women rescued from human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.Nestled in the secure location of our campus, the Human Trafficking Program for young women now serves 48 survivors at a time (over 80 each year), 30% of whom are pregnant or have a small baby and need additional services. The Program addresses the specific needs faced by male and female victims of the growing sexual exploitation industry, which includes sexually based acts by Force, Fraud or Coercion and can include forced rape or sexual acts, involuntary sexual acts for food or shelter and forced prostitution.  The Program offers safe refuge and specialized sexually based trauma counseling so that victims of sexual exploitation in all its forms can be restored as functioning members of society, and be equipped to live a healthy independent life. 

The purpose of the Program is to rescue, stabilize and rebuild the lives of men and women by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals who have been victimized and have survived human trafficking through sexual exploitation. For victims, aftercare services are paramount to assist with the negative effects felt every day and for years to come. Our comprehensive in-house program provides access to medical, psychological, educational and legal services and helps the men and women relearn healthy choices, develop accountability and refine life and workplace skills. These steps all aim to prepare each individual to start living a healthy, independent life.”